Import Big SQL File Into MySQL with phpMyAdmin

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If you have problem to import large SQL files into MySql using phpMyadmin, the official documentation offers a few solutions, but the easiest method to solve this problem is:

  • Find the file located in the phpMyadmin directory. If you have Wamp installed, it is probably located here:
  • Find the line with $cfg[‘UploadDir’] on it and update it to:
$cfg['UploadDir'] = 'upload';
  • Create a folder called ‘upload’ in the same folder where file, so now you have:

Then copy the big sql file that you are trying to import into the new upload folder.

Now when you go to phpMyAdmin, at the import page you choose a drop down present that wasn’t there before – it contains all of the sql files in the upload directory that you have just created. You can now select your file, and start with the import.

Simple as that.


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