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As the author of Mastering Vim Quickly I sometimes get various Vim related questions from my readers.

Much more often I get emails from my subscribers at where I share free Vim tips.

Although this command is very simple, my experience showed that a lot of people are not aware of it. So it’s time to try to change that :)

Yesterday I was contacted by one of my readers – and as always, I try to answer my readers as soon as possible.

mastering vim quickly


As you can see from the screenshot, he needed to get from this

postscore(font, number, color,

to this:

postscore(font, number, color,
lang, size)

He knew that there must be a better way, than going to Insert mode, and using arrow keys and Backspace. And there is.

The solution to this is simple – put your cursor anywhere on the line where lang, is, and hit J (Shift+j). That’s a join command. For more info see :help J

So, whenever you want to merge two lines into one, position the cursor anywhere on the first line, and press J to join the two lines. Simple as that :)

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