3 Twitter Search Ideas You (Probably) Don’t Know About

Last few days I was working on developing simple Twitter console client in Perl, and I got some interesting results while playing with Twitter search.

Have you ever thought that you can find some ideas for startup on Twitter? Well, if you try searching for:

"should invent"

you can get some pretty interesting results, and if you search for a while, you can even get some cool ideas.


Another interesting point. Since lots of people are sharing their emails in tweets, Twitter search can be a nice source for spammers. Try searching for:

"email me at"
"email me on"
"email me to"

You’ll get lots of emails. I even wrote a simple Perl script to download all those tweets, and parse the emails into a text file. Quite an easy way to get some emails.


And the last one I will share today. If you are looking for a job, you can find a lot of job offers. Try searching forĀ “jobs <country|city> <keyword>”. Here are few examples:

jobs uk
jobs usa linux
I'm hiring london

That’s it for now. Happy tweeting ;)


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