Learning to Learn Effectively – Tip #1

In this post, I’ll share with you one of my favorite learning tip.

This tip will help you greatly improve your learning skills.
It can be also useful for giving more powerful presentations.

It comes from the bonus ebook Learning to Learn Effectively from my Premium package of Mastering Vim Quickly.

… If you knew you had a meeting later today with your boss to talk about what you’ve learned from this book, you’d approach this information completely differently.

Whether you read or listen to some information, if you expect to replay it back, your approach in consuming this information would be completely different.

Your mindset would be different.

You would not just “read a book,” “listen to an audio,” or “quickly checkout this video.” Instead, you’d catch yourself collecting facts in some way.

You might be writing notes, or trying to remember crucial points.

So if you approach learning with the intention of repeating it back very soon, you’ll notice right away that your mindset is different.

Now, try to compare that kind of mindset, with the one you have when you’re reading a novel. It’s totally different.

Use this approach to learn effectively. If needed, even consciously trick yourself into the expectation that you will need to repeat what you’re trying to learn.

It would be even better if you actually plan to teach someone what you have learned.

In case of Vim, you might try to teach your coworker something about Vim.

Or, at least, you could try to write a blog post about what you’ve learned (and do this without checking back at the original learning resource!).

This will help you remember what you’ve learned, and show you where your gaps are, so you can grasp what to read again…

Simple, yet so powerful!

Try it, and see for yourself.

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