Lessons learned from my first 30-day challenge

Hello again!

If you didn’t see my previous post, for the last 30 days I gave myself a challenge, that I will not go to Facebook, Twitter, and social media in general, that I will minimize mails activities and try to do something more useful.

Well, my challenge was successful. Honestly, I expected it will be.

What can I say now, after this challenge:

  • You will not miss anything really important if you’re not on Facebook or Twitter – important news were getting to me in other ways
  • You will feel better without so much not-necessary information
  • You will have more time for other activities
  • You can get Twitter followers without tweeting – for one month without Twitter, I got 19 followers.


I enjoyed time without Facebook/Twitter/Social Media, and in the moments I felt like opening Facebook or Twitter, I would take a book. I started with 100$ Startup. I have read it completely, I am not so satisfied with the book itself, but more about this in other post.

After this one, I started a new book – The Gambler from Fyodor Dostoyevsky. I read this book as well, it’s a great one.


Parallel with this, I decided to take course on Python. I started with Learn Python The Hard Way, and until now, I passed more than half.
Since I “speak” more than few programming languages, learning Python is not something  hard. It’s even pretty easy. So, after I finish the course I mentioned (btw, it’s free! ), I will start with reading a new book on learning Python.

I think that 30-day challenge is a great way to motivate yourself to do things you want to do, to try something you never tried before, etc.
I will for sure give myself next 30-day challenge really soon.


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30 Day challenge – Stay out of social media

Yesterday I was reading post from Matt Cutts about his last 30 day challenge, so I decided to take one as well.

For the next 30 days, I will not visit Facebook, Twitter and social media in general. Also, I will stop with reading online articles, and I’ll try to minimize my email activities. Instead, I will study and read more books.

Next blog post I will write in 30 days, and tell you about my results.

The challenge starts today at noon ( meaning, in about 40 minutes ).

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