5 Phases of Vim Use

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1. WTF is going on here?


2. Hmm… this is cool. I want to see other interesting features this thing has.


3. OMG. <mind blown>


4. The worst thing about Vim…



5. I’m actually a wizard… and this is how I feel when someone sees me using Vim




Over the years, Vim got a reputation that it’s really difficult to learn it. I’ve heard many times from guys who are convinced it will take them months to reach proficiency. That’s simply wrong.

That’s why I wrote a book: Mastering Vim Quickly (from WTF to OMG in no time) which will teach you Vim the way I learned it – easily and quickly.


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6 Comments 5 Phases of Vim Use

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  2. thapakazi

    lol, xkcd bot sent this recently:

    “Elon Musk finally blocked me from the internal Tesla repository because I wouldn’t stop sending pull requests for my code supporting steering via vim keybindings.”

  3. Rodrigo Nonose

    Kinda relate to #4 although I don’t use vim fulltime and led me to vimium, a chrome extension to use vim-style shortcuts on the web

  4. Adrien Plazas

    The problem is not whether Vim is hard or not, the problem is that some command line tools (I’m looking at you Git) throw Vim at the face of unprepared users and it’s absolutely impossible to discover how to use it (or even simply exit it) from there, without letting them even th ability to know which tool they have been thrown into. If tools didn’t throw Vim at the face of thdir users without a manual or if Vim’s usage was more discoverable there would be no problem.


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