Practical ways for boosting your productivity online

A while ago, I’ve noticed that I lose a lot of time online. Some of the websites I visit regularly include Twitter, Hacker News, ProductHunt, and Facebook. Over the last year, I’ve managed to drastically improve my productivity online, and stop wasting my time.

Here’s the list of “tips” I’m using to stay informed about the things I’m interested about, and don’t lose too much of my time on it:


1. Turn off the chat.

2. Don’t comment on random posts. Don’t get into discussions which are not directly related to you. You will rarely get any value from a discussion, and you will never convince anyone to think differently with just a few comments.

These two tips work incredible for me. It’s enough to go to Facebook for ~5 minutes every second day and see the updates.


1. The same here, don’t go into pointless discussions, except if you are giving or getting some value from the conversation.

2. Don’t check your Twitter timeline few (hundred?) times per day. Use a free web app called Social Hunt to follow the most interesting people. Then, you can choose to get to your inbox all of their tweets daily.

Huge time saver.

HackerNews and ProductHunt

1. If you’re like me, a fan of HackerNews, you might catch yourself checking it really often. In order to get the best posts once a week to your inbox, sign up to this free HackerNews newsletter. It’s awesome indeed.

2. If you want to get the best posts from HackerNews daily, then I would suggest you to add @HNTweets to Social Hunt account mentioned above.

3. If you’re a fan of ProductHunt as well, you can sign up to their newsletter. It’s great. Additionally, you can follow @ProductHunt and Ryan Hoover (Founder of ProductHunt) via Social Hunt app, to stay updated on a daily basis.


These are some of the best ways I use to get updated on the things I’m interested about, and stay productive. What are yours?

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