Learn to Play Guitar in 30 Days

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Do you think it’s possible to learn to play guitar in 30 days? Probably not. I thought that as well. But, I surprised even myself, and actually learned to play guitar in about a month.


Well, it was about 4 years ago. I really liked the song Dust in the wind from KANSAS. So I just wanted to learn to play this one song. But, I wanted play it exactly the way they play it, in original. So, I asked a friend to borrow me his old guitar for a month. Then I searched for video lessons on Youtube, found this one, and just started.

Notice that, I never played a guitar before, that I did not have any musical education or background. I didn’t even know what chord is :)

I had really really big wish to learn to play this song. So what I did, is that I was watched this video lesson and practised  every single day, for about a month.

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