Do you know why you haven’t learned Vim yet?

Don’t you just hate the feeling of trying to learn Vim, but eventually giving up?

Find out how to be really good at it—faster than you could ever imagine!

Presenting Mastering Vim Quickly: From WTF to OMG in no time

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Have you heard for “steep learning curve” of Vim?

While learning any skill, there is a period of time in which you’re horribly unskilled, and you’re painfully aware of that fact. The same applies when learning Vim. But there’s a simple way to overcome this. The biggest obstacle you will face in your quest to learn Vim is yourself. Once you’re aware of it, even Vim becomes easy.

“It takes a lot of time”, “It’s hard to remember all of those weird commands”

Firstly, skills take time and effort to master. Secondly, many things aren’t fun until you’re good at them. And because I’ve taken these truths into consideration, Mastering Vim Quickly is created to be as short as possible (only ~100 pages!) with carefully selected content.

It’s a short read which will minimize the time it takes you to learn Vim. And it’s gonna be fun!

“I can’t stick with it, I always go back to the old editor”

The fact is that learning Vim, like any new skill, is tough. What makes it hard is the fact that it’s different. Your old text editing habits will make you feel frustrated at times. Trust me, you will probably feel like this when you start with Vim. I felt the same.

At some point, the road will seem too long, and it would be much easier to just give up and get back to your old text editor instead. But I’ve passed through all of this. I’ve been there, I’ve done that. And I’ll help you to overcome this, just the way I did.

Mastering Vim Quickly helps you solve all of these problems with ease.


Proven learning strategies

This book covers the most important Vim concepts. Besides Vim, it also covers some of the best learning strategies known to me (the author), and which are proven to work. Understanding of how our brain works, and being aware of simple but effective learning techniques, will help you to learn Vim faster than ever before.

If you’re a learning addict like I am, then you’d love the bonus book Learning to Learn Effectively. You can trust me on that.

Core principles and the most important features

One of the beautiful things about learning Vim is the fact that you don’t need to know everything. What’s important is that you only need to understand a few critically important concepts that provide most of the value.

If you invest the time and energy necessary to learn these concepts, you’ll easily be in the top 5% of the human population when it comes to productivity in coding, programming and text editing.

Good structure with many examples

Over the years I’ve collected, distilled and refined my findings on Vim into the concepts and best tips which are presented in Mastering Vim QuicklyThink of this book as a filter. Instead of trying to absorb all of the Vim knowledge—and there’s really a lot out there—use this book to get what matters the most.

This way you can focus on what’s actually important: getting stuff done.

Short and to the point screencasts which won’t get you bored

Screencasts you can get cover most important examples from the book, step by step. Each of them is only 1-3 minutes long, and without sound. This means you can listen to music while learning Vim! See one of them below.

Mastering Vim Quickly is a great tour through the most important aspects and concepts of Vim. It starts beginner friendly and quickly advances to show more involved text editing techniques. Throughout the book I especially liked the focus on large scale operations. With numerous realistic examples it teaches how various simple commands can be combined in different ways to achieve powerful transformations across multiple files. And even if you already know all the topics covered in the book, it will refresh your knowledge and fuel your curiosity about the depths of Vim once again.Christian Wellenbrock, the creator of the targets.vim plugin


What’s inside

– Mastering Vim Quickly book in PDF – purposefully written to be a quick read (~100 pages only!)

– 19 short and to the point screencasts covering the most important examples from the book

– Learning to Learn Effectively bonus book in PDF (14 pages)

– Introduction to Vim Plugins bonus book in PDF (15 pages)

Table of Contents

  • 1. Instead of Preface
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Mastering Vim - Basics
  • 4. Your first Vim session
  • 5. Vim concepts
  • 6. Working with files
  • 7. Personalizing Vim
  • 8. Undo and Redo
  • 9. Do you speak Vim?
  • 10. Substitution
  • 11. Registers
  • 12. Buffers
  • 13. Windows, Tabs and Sessions
  • 14. Macros
  • 15. The power of Visual modes
  • 16. Mappings
  • 17. Folding
  • 18. Effective multiple file editing
  • 19. Productivity tips
  • 20. Plugins

Screencast sample


Get for Free: Detailed table of contents + 4 chapters from Mastering Vim Quickly and bonuses

I considered myself as a pretty skilled vim user, and you’ve literally destroyed my skills with earlier and later on the first pages… :) Cant’ wait to read the whole book!
V. Ignatyev, Software Developer

This book is for you …

if you’re beginner and

if you


What you will learn:

Mastering Vim Quickly book and videos

Bonus books

A very approachable way to learn Vim.
The writing is really good and contains a fine balance between explanations, examples and tips. It covers all the topics you need to know to really understand what Vim is about and why so many people choose it. If you are either just getting started or you have been wanting to switch to Vim full-time you will find this book to be the perfect reference.
Mariano Cavallo, Front-end Developer

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What content is included in the screencasts that’s not included in the book?

The book includes all of the content presented in screencasts. Screencasts do not cover every single chapter nor every single example. They are created to cover the most important Vim features and concepts, and meant to be used together with the book.

When can we expect the next version?

This is the first edition of Mastering Vim Quickly. It’s going to be a long term project. The plan is to update the book (and other materials) once a year. Current version (v1.1) is published on April 2018, 5 months after the first publication. No matter how much I tried, I’m sure there are still some typos and errors left in there. If you find one, let me know please!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Here’s what I think: Money-back guarantee means failure. I’m offering you something better:

My main goal with this project is to help You learn Vim. I don’t want to sell Mastering Vim Quickly to people who don’t want to commit to anything. I want people who are committed to results, to buy my book.

Because I strongly believe: until someone is committed, information is just a waste of time.

That’s why, there are no refunds. By not allowing a refund I can be sure you actually will read Mastering Vim Quickly. And you will probably read it with much greater attention, so you can absorb all the precious stuff you have in there.

This is investment in yourself. Getting a refund means you failed in your main goal – learning Vim. I’m here to help you learn Vim, not play money games with you :)

I know that if you have NO CHOICE but to make this work–and take the maximum out of this book, you will learn Vim.

About the author

The author of Mastering Vim Quickly is Jovica Ilic. Sysadmin. Fan of Vim and Gentoo.

You have questions? Get in touch: [email protected]